We want to make a difference here at Blincko! To pay a small bit of our share and add meaning to what we do, we have made it our mission to raise funds for a non-profit organization through our brand. This is why:

10% of every sale goes to the Land of Hope, always.

About Land of Hope

In rural Nigeria, children who have been accused of witchcraft and neglected, abandoned or abused as a result of superstitious beliefs are rescued, cared for and given a permanent home by the team at Land of Hope. They work tirelessly to educate, rehabilitate and support the 76 children they have taken in so far, and continue to help more children. There are many children that need their help. They hope to expand their operations and take in as many little humans as they can, with the help of regular donations.


What We Do

The efforts of the team at LOH inspires us immensely and resonates with us deeply.

Their goal is to continue to expand their mission and rescue more children, and we want to help them with that.

So we donate 10% of all sales (excluding shipping costs) to the Land of Hope at the end of each month. We share our donations on our Instagram stories on the first day of each month so you can track how your purchase has helped the Land of Hope!

If you would like to learn more about the Land of Hope, you can visit their website at www.landofhope.global or check out their Instagram account by clicking here.

Thank you for helping us support a good cause!