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Our Story

About us

Blincko was born in 2020. It all started with a simple idea:

Jewelry that's fun, and helps a good cause.

We noticed that much of the high-end jewelry available on the market is rather plain, and well, a bit too serious. We decided to give our unique designs a shot and create bling with colors, and lots of it! Pieces that were premium, but also fun.


The other major motivator behind the brand was to create a long term sustainable flow of donations to one of most important charities, Land of Hope (LOH). So we made it our mission to donate 10% of every single sale to the LOH.

There it was, we had the happy little formula. So we began drawing and creating our pieces.


A year has past, and our store is now open, offering more than 80 colorful pieces.

We are proud of the pieces we offer, and to prove our good intentions, we offer a 12 month replacement warranty and free shipping for all of our orders. We also take our carbon footprint very seriously; We offer minimal packaging, eliminating jewelry boxes that more often than not, goes unused. We passionately continue to work on better and more sustainable packaging solutions.

As we continue to grow, we are also excited to see our partners at Land of Hope expand their work and save more lives.

To learn more about our impact and the Land of Hope, you can visit our Mission page.

Thank you for your support!


The Blincko Team